Majestic Real Estate Services is recognized for providing unequaled support with its unique “hands on” management style. Our management team is comprised of Lic. Community Association Managers, a Lic. Real Estate Broker, and a Certified Property management Specialist. Our team members are versed in the principles of board management, association laws, insurance, and the landlord tenant act. We have management experience in a wide variety of property types to include town-homes, planned unit developments, zero lot line, single family homes, homeowner and condominium associations. The MRES team is just as dedicated as the board members and home owners to ensure that each community and individual property is maintained at the highest level resulting in enhanced property values and joy of ownership.

Below are a list of some of the services we provide our customers:


  • Management Reports
  • Site Staff Hiring, Supervision and Training
  • Property Inspections
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • Contract Administration
  • Covenants Inspections
  • Database Services
  • Development and Administration of Board Resolutions
  • Enforcement of Community Rules & Regulations

Meeting Notices
We distribute Board of Directors and Annual Meeting notices and related documents including meeting agenda, special reports and other pertinent information, prior to the scheduled meeting.

Boards of Directors and Annual Meetings
We attend all required Board of Directors and Annual Meetings. We will act as a resource and will answer any questions to keep the meeting effective and timely.

Owners Directory
We maintain a directory of names, addresses and contact phone number of all homeowners.

Association Records & Files
We maintain all Association files, records and financial data.

Property Modifications Requests
We solicit, review, submit for Board approval and communicate Board decisions for all requests for modification of exterior or common area modifications.

Insurance Administration
 We provide Assistance with the research of insurance options.

Board Advisory
We are able to draw upon years of experience in management to assist board members in their strategic planning and decision making processes. We are knowledgeable in the areas of homeowner association legislation, state law, By-Law interpretations, rules and regulations enforcement and preferred policy and procedure practices. We stay abreast of the latest community association issues and law changes.


  • Financial Reports with Summary Review
  • Collection of Association Assessments
  • Payment of Association Obligations
  • Delinquency Collections
  • Replacement Reserve Review
  • Preparation of Annual Budget
  • Year-End Preparation of Materials for the Audit
  • Generating monthly financial statements

Annual Operating Budget
We prepare a detailed line item estimate of all annual revenue and expense items and project receipts and/or disbursements.

Long Range Plan/Reserve Study
We coordinate the preparation of the estimated useful life, projected replacement year and replacement cost for the major exterior or common area building and site improvements.

Tax Returns and Annual Audit
We coordinate all information and records required by the Association tax preparer and independent auditor.


  • Inspects property on a regular basis
  • Maintains Association key inventory for owners and vendors when applicable
  • Oversees contractors and vendors to ensure work is completed consistent with contract requirements
  • Obtains bids on work approved by the Board of Directors
  • Contacts vendors in emergency situations
  • Makes recommendations for repairs and capitol improvements
  • Screening, negotiation, and quality control of all contractors
  • Encouraging rule conformance

Proactive Management
We inspect building exteriors, grounds and common areas to determine their condition and implement a preventative repair/replacement program to address any items requiring remedial action.
Service Request Administration
We provide a quick response to all homeowner initiated service requests.
Supervise Service Contractor Performance
We establish detailed specifications for contractor scope of services, administrate the issuance of requests for proposals for such services, review bids, negotiate contracts, monitor performance and administrate progress payments and job completion payment.

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